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"No such feature exists" error

When upgrading Maple on a network, you may encounter the "No such feature exists" variation of the "Invalid or missing license file" error:

Typically, one of the following scenarios is causing this issue:
  1. You are using a license manager for Maple 2016 or earlier. Please ensure that you install the network tools for Maple 2018 or 2017.
  2. The Maple 2018 license has not been configured in LMTools. Please see the image below for how the Config Services window should look.

  3. The new license isn't being broadcast on the server because it wasn't been restarted after the service was reconfigured:
    1. Open LMTools.
    2. Select the “Start/Stop/Reread” tab.
    3. Check the “Force Server Shutdown” box beneath the “Stop Server” button.
    4. Click the “Stop Server” button.
    5. When you are confident that the server has stopped, uncheck the “Force Server Shutdown” box, then click the “Start Server” button.
  4. Either the older license manager is still running, or a separate service was configured for the older versions of Maple, and are over-riding the 2018 manager/service. Since a 2018 license contains 2017 and 2016 credentials, a service for those licenses is no longer needed, so please shut down any services for older versions of Maple.  If you need access to older versions of Maple, please send a copy of your license file to support@maplesoft.com.
  5. The 2018 file was properly configured in the license manager, but it's either a host-based or user-based license, and the corresponding options file is either missing or not set up properly.

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