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Unable to Compile (rc=1 error)

This error message suggests that either your compiler is not configured correctly or that there is something wrong with your simulation. If you are seeing this error, you should first check if you can compile ...

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MapleSim solver types

In MapleSim, there are various solvers and solver types. Certain models should take advantage of these options to better solve the system. The "Solver Type" and "Solver" can be changed in the "Simulation Settin...

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Finding solutions to MapleSim errors

Each MapleSim model can be unique and because of this, there is no defined method for debugging when errors do arise. Below we will describe some methods that can be used to isolate the problem your model is ex...

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Why is my simulation time longer than the listed 'Summary' times?

The times in the Console Window are intended to show key timings, they don’t give the full picture. What is listed are the "CPU times" for each area of the simulation. During the simulation process MapleSim pr...

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Do I need an external compiler for MapleSim 2017.3?

Starting with version 2017.3, MapleSim is packaged with the LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) Compiler, which is installed with Maple. Particularly, the compiler consists of a built-in, library callable version ...

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Which compiler does MapleSim 2017.3 use?

MapleSim automatically chooses which compiler to use, and there is no user choice or switch. For Windows, if a MSVC++ Compiler is properly configured on the machine, MapleSim will use it, even though MapleSim ...

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