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How do I get Maple to show me the steps of a solution, not just the answer?

The ShowSolution and ShowSteps commands from the Student[Calculus1] package, as well as the ExpandSteps and LinearSolveSteps commands from the Student[Basics] package, will break down the steps of certain solut...

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What does 'RootOf' mean and can I get rid of it?

RootOf() is a command used as a placeholder for roots of equations, helping Maple (and users) to simplify expressions. Generally, an expression with RootOf() represents multiple values. When you apply allvalue...

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Can Maple Documents be Converted to LaTeX Documents?

Maple can indeed export a ".mw" document as a ".tex" file. In order to compile the ".tex" file in your favourite LaTeX editor, you will need to import Maple's style file "maplestd2e.sty" to your LaTeX compiler ...

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Can Maple Input and Output Be Copied and Pasted From The Online Help Pages?

If the input or output is plain text, copying and pasting should work as expected. Unfortunately, if the input or output is 2D Math, then copying and pasting likely won't work. This is because, currently, the ...

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Are there any resources for learning how to use Maple?

Depending on whether you have a professional, academic, or student license, there are many resources that you might find interesting or useful. Maplesoft offers several free training resources, including: ...

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Math Apps do not work

If you view our Math Apps from the online help pages, you will not be able to interact with them. However, the Math Apps are also accessible from the MapleCloud, and you can interact with them there. You can ...

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Can Maple be used with the GRTensor packages?

GRTensor (both GRTensor II and GRTensor III) is a third-party application, which means, unfortunately, that we aren't able to provide support. You may want to contact one or more of the authors of the library, ...

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