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Enabling File I/O on a MapleNet Server

By default, system calls and file input/output are disabled in MapleNet for security reasons. Allowing file I/O on a public MapleNet server can be a major security hole that could allow user submitted worksheet...

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Long worksheet load times in MapleNet

Sometimes when trying to load a worksheet in MapleNet, it can take a long time to appear. Does this mean there is something wrong with it? Worksheets containing plots and interactive 2-D math may require a dow...

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How to incorporate a library into a MapleNet application

The instructions that follow detail how to incorporate a library into a MapleNet application. What we will attempt to do is publish maple libraries to a standard location on the server that can be made availabl...

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Why do some of my images look different in Maple than on MapleNet?

Placing content such as images, plots, or sketches inside table cells imposes size restrictions on these elements. When the table cells are scaled to the math formatting width, these restrictions may be undesir...

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How do I control the width of a worksheet on MapleNet?

Worksheets displayed by MapleNet are rendered with a fixed width, based on the math formatting width set in Maple when the worksheet is saved. This option is found on the General tab of the Tools > Options d...

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Why can't I connect to my exported $DISPLAY variable?

If the X server is configured securely, it won't allow incoming connections. To allow incoming connections, run the command xhost + before starting Tomcat.

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