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Generating network license files for redundant servers

How would you create a network license file for a 3 redundant license server setup?
Note: You must use 3 redundant servers; 2 will not work due to a limitation with the license manager.
The Maplesoft Offline Activation page should be used to generate the required maple.lic file for all 3 redundant license servers.
To generate this type of license file:
  1. Enter a network purchase code in the Purchase Code field.
  2. Enter the hardware identifying values of the 3 redundant license servers each separated by a comma. This can be either the primary network adapter's MAC address or the hard disk serial number (Windows only).

    Host ID:

    • Select HostID from the drop down menu.
    • Enter the 3 host IDs separated by commas.  For example:

    Disk Serial Number:

    • Select DISK_SERIAL_NUM from the drop down menu.
    • Enter the 3 disk serial numbers with each value separated by commas.  For example:​
  3. Choose the number of users (default is maximum available) and fill in the contact information. The generated license file will be sent to the email address entered here.
  4. Open the license file in a text editor and replace the < servername > with the corresponding name or IP address of the license servers (do not keep the angled brackets).
  5. Add the port numbers to be used at the end of the 3 SERVER lines. For example:
    SERVER < servername > < Host ID > 27000
  6. Save a copy of the .lic file to each of the 3 license servers and configure the FLEXlm license manager accordingly to point to these files.
  7. Each client would need to have the license.dat file replaced with an edited license.dat file containing information about the redundancy.

License File Configuration

When you install Maple on a client for a regular network installation, the license.dat file will look something like the following:
# License File for Windows Network Client Installations
SERVER servername ANY
where, "servername" is replaced with the name or IP address of the single FLEXlm license server.


Redundant License File Configuration

For a redundant server setup, the license.dat file would need to look like:
# License File for Windows Network Client Installations
SERVER servername1 ANY
SERVER servername2 ANY
SERVER servername3 ANY
where "servername1", "servername2", "servername3" are replaced with the names or IP address of the redundant FLEXlm license servers.



If you require further assistance with the redundant server network license setup please contact Technical Support at support@maplesoft.com 
Please include the Maple version, exact operating system and purchase code/order number in your message (e.g. Maple 2017, Mac OSX 10.11.6, Order #123456).

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