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Maple continually requires activation

An "activation loop" is usually an indication that either something is wrong or deficient with the Maple license file ("license.dat"), or the FLEXlm licensing component (used by Maple for activation) is having difficulties reading the computer's Host ID.

Common Causes:

  • When Maple activates, it successfully communicates with Maplesoft's Activation Server and generates the license file, but the file is not properly saved on the customer's machine even though an "Activation Successful" message is displayed.

    To remedy this, you can try manually activating Maple with administrative privileges, or perform an offline activation.

  • The complete set or ordering of Host IDs keeps changing. This will occur, for instance, if the Wi-Fi adapter keeps getting switched on and off.

    To remedy this, please send a copy of your license file and complete Host ID information (possibly as read by Maple) to support@maplesoft.com.

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