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Running additional FLEXlm services on the same server as Maple

It is strongly recommended that Maple be the only FLEXlm service running on a given server (i.e. Maple Network Tools should have a dedicated server).

However, if
you wish to run other such services off of the same server as Maple, these programs must be of the same architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) as Maple, and they likely need to use the same version of FLEXlm as Maple (for instance, Maple 2017 uses, so if the other programs also use 11.13, then this method has a decent chance of working). 

Provided the above recommendations check out, you can try the following:
  1. Shut down all license managers except for one.
  2. Within the license manager you chose above, add a separate service for each license manager program.
  3. When configuring the services above (as per the Maple installation guide), ensure that all services point to the lmgrd.exe file that was generated by the license manager you chose in step 1.
  4. Copy the program-specific daemons for each program to the folder that contains the lmgrd.exe file from the previous step.  For Maple, the file is maplelmg.exe, and it is already in the same folder as the lmgrd.exe file generated by LMTools.
  5. Start one service to see if it works, and then start the remaining services, one after another, assuming all of the previous services work in harmony.

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