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Do I need an external compiler for MapleSim 2017.3?

Starting with version 2017.3, MapleSim is packaged with the LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) Compiler, which is installed with Maple. Particularly, the compiler consists of a built-in, library callable version of clang, which is stored in memory. 

Previously, the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler was required for MapleSim on Windows, and the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) on Macintosh and Linux, but these are now only required in a couple of cases:
  • Exporting a FMU with the FMI Connector.
  • Using the Simulink Component Block Generation app with the "Generate and Compile S-Function" option.

The reason an external compiler is required for the above cases is because the LLVM Compiler cannot be used to create externally linkable .dll’s (a limitation of the compiler). Instead, the LLVM Compiler creates the shared library in memory and never actually writes out a .dll.
External Compiler required:

Windows: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 (Installation Instructions)
Macintosh/Linux: GCC (GNU Compiler Collection)

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