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Permissions errors in Maple

If you encounter a permissions error such as:

Error, permission denied: no read access

please try running Maple with administrative privileges.

If that doesn't help, please go to "Tools" > "Options" (or, on a Macintosh computer, go to "Maple2018" > "Preferences"):


From there, please open the "Security Tab".  If the "Enable engine security" box is checked, either ensure that the appropriate directories have the necessary permission, or uncheck the box.  Then, either click "Apply Globally" to make these changes permanent, or "Apply to Session" to make the changes temporary (i.e. Maple will revert back to the previous settings the next time Maple is opened).

For more information on this option, please see the Maple Engine Security help page.

If this doesn't help either, please double-check your security software and ensure that saving (particularly from java-based programs) is permitted.

If that doesn't help either, please try re-installing Maple by re-running the installer file with administrative privileges.

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