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MapleSim solver types

In MapleSim, there are various solvers and solver types. Certain models should take advantage of these options to better solve the system. The "Solver Type" and "Solver" can be changed in the "Simulation Settings". Below we will describe the details of these solvers:

  1. Variable SolversUse a variable time step to maintain error tolerances.

    • CK45 (semi-stiff): Uses a semi-stiff DAE solver with the CK45 method.

    • RKF45 (non-stiff): Uses a non-stiff DAE solver with the RKF45 method.

    • Rosenbrock (stiff): Uses a stiff DAE solver with the Rosenbrock method.

    Note: If your model is complex, you may want to use a stiff DAE solver to reduce the time required to simulate the model.

  2. Fixed Solvers: Uses a fixed time step as input by the user and disregards integration error. 

    • Euler: Uses a forward Euler solver.

    • Implicit Euler: Uses an implicit Euler solver which is suitable for stiff systems.

    • RK2: Uses a second-order Runge-Kutta solver.

    • RK3: Uses a third-order Runge-Kutta solver. 

    • RK4: Uses a fourth-order Runge-Kutta solver. 

    Note: Fixed-step solvers are identical to those used by MapleSim's exported code.

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