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Finding solutions to MapleSim errors

Each MapleSim model can be unique and because of this, there is no defined method for debugging when errors do arise. Below we will describe some methods that can be used to isolate the problem your model is experiencing:


  1. Simulation Settings 

    • You can check the "Solver Diagnostics" option in the Simulation Settings. After simulating the model this will provide you with information on constraint iterations, contraint residual, event iterations and log step size for the model through the simulation time. For more information on Solver Diagnostics see here.

    • Ensure that the "Solver Type" and "Solver" is properly set for type of model. For more information on Solver Types see here.


  2. Console Output

    • By changing the Console Output option from "Normal" to "Verbose" you will be provided with more details on the simulation process in the Console Output. Much can be gleaned by viewing the sections, including, "Generating Equations", "Processing Equations", "Computing Initial Values", "Preparing for Integration", "Integrating System", "Summary". 


  3.  Diagnostics Information 

    • For details on errors and warnings that have arisen during the simulation, view the "Diagnostics Information". These error messages or warnings will provide details to the components and variables that are causing problems with the solver. 



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