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Why is my simulation time longer than the listed 'Summary' times?

The times in the Console Window are intended to show key timings, they don’t give the full picture. What is listed are the "CPU times" for each area of the simulation.

During the simulation process MapleSim provides concurrent plotting in the GUI. This uses multiple threads, so the timing here is “wall time” rather than “CPU time”.

Lastly, the first simulation will always be a fair bit slower than other runs due to the loading of the library. If you would like to know the start to finish CPU time of a simulation, the best method is using the MapleSim API as follows:
  1. Attach a Maple worksheet to your MapleSim model. This is done by "Add Apps or Templates" > Double-click "Worksheet" > If desired, change the name of the attached worksheet > Click the check mark to open the worksheet.
  1. Execute the listed command:
A := MapleSim:-LinkModel():
  1. Type in the following in one execution group:
t0 := time():
cpuTime := time() - t0;

You can now view the total cpu time MapleSim has taken for the simulation.

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