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'License server machine is down or not responding' error when starting Maple

The "License server machine is down or not responding" variation of the "Invalid or missing license file" errors occurs on a computer running Maple that connects to a license server to check out a license. When this error pops up, there are four likely possibilities:
  • As the message suggests, the Maple license server is not running.
  • The lmgrd license manager daemon port is not open on the network.
  • The maplelmg vendor daemon port is not open on the network.
  • The client license file doesn't point to the correct server name or lmgrd port.

End user

If you are an end user, you should report the problem to your system administrator. 

Server administrator

If you are the server administrator, confirm that the license manager service is running, the client license files are proper with respect to server name and port, and that the two ports are open (both on the network and the client). Please note that the vendor daemon, by default, chooses a random port. However, a dedicated port can be specified in the network license file, and then opened on the network. For instance, to always use port 28010 for the vendor daemon port, in the network license file, expand the line VENDOR maplelmg to the following:
VENDOR maplelmg PORT=28010

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