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How do I migrate my installation of Maple to another computer?

Standalone Maple

To install Maple on a new computer, you first need to uninstall it on the old computer (if still possible), then contact Maplesoft Customer Service. Likely, they will reset your Purchase Code. Then, you can install and activate Maple on the new machine.


Maple Network Tools (for a license server)

To migrate your Maple license server, you will need to do the following:

  1. Remove Maple (Maple Network Tools) from the older server.

  2. Send an email to Maplesoft Customer Service at info@maplesoft.com, wherein you explain the situation. Be sure to:

    • Mention that you have removed Maple from the old server, and
    • Include your Order Number and/or Purchase Code.
  3. After Customer Service responds and confirms that you can proceed, install and configure Maple Network Tools on the new server.

    • You will need to activate Maple Network Tools, and provide the new server name and port number.
    • The client license files will need to be updated to point to the new server.

Should you need to perform a concurrent migration, so that there is no down time for the clients accessing Maple, a manager/supervisor will need to make a request in writing.

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