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Unable to Compile (rc=1 error)

This error message suggests that either your compiler is not configured correctly or that there is something wrong with your simulation.
If you are seeing this error, you should first check if you can compile the included example files by running one of the sample tests to make sure that your compiler is functioning properly.
To test the simulation without a compiler, you can also try to turn off the compiler by going to the Settings tab and setting Compiler to false (uncheck the box in MapleSim) and then try running the simulation.
To install or replace your compiler, please use the following appropriate guide for your version of Maple and MapleSim.


 For Maple 16 / MapleSim 6:
For Maple 17 / MapleSim 6.3:
For Maple 18 / MapleSim 6.4:
For Maple 18 / MapleSim 7:   http://www.maplesoft.com/support/install/MapleSim7_Install.html#MapleSimProductInstallGuide_CPPCompiler
For Maple 2015 / MapleSim 2015:

Mac OS X

Follow the instructions here:

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