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How to incorporate a library into a MapleNet application

The instructions that follow detail how to incorporate a library into a MapleNet application. What we will attempt to do is publish maple libraries to a standard location on the server that can be made available to all MapleNet applications. When libraries are created/updated they will be published to the library directory.

Applications will be published to their regular web page location as before.

Note that steps 1 and 2 only need to be done once to create the setup. Step 3 can be repeated anytime a new library needs to be put on the server. You will likely need the assistance of the server administrator to complete these steps.


  1. On the server, in the Tomcat webapps directory, create a new library directory so your path now becomes
    where <Tomcat> represents the location of the Tomcat installation. This might be something like
    This library directory must be under the maplenet directory so that the publisher can publish to it.
  2. On the server, in the MapleNet program directory, edit the file
    where <maplenet> represents where the maplenet programs (not webapps) were installed (usually /usr/local/maplenet). This is a maple 'ini' file.

    Add to the end of this file the libname expression
    libname := "/webapps/maplenet/library", libname:
    but replace this with your actual path to the Tomcat installation. This expression will cause the Maple portion of the MapleNet Server to look in the specified path for Maple libraries.
  3. Once the above two items are complete, go to the client machine. From there, publish the library file using the same technique as for the other types of files, but change the destination location to be 'library'.
Now that the library file has been placed on the server and the maplenet_init file has been edited, your Maple files referencing this library should work properly.

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