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Maple does not start (or takes a long time to load)

There are a number of possible reasons why maple is not starting properly.  Assuming that your operating system is compatible with Maple, many start-up issues can be solved by:
  • Updating Maple with the latest patch.
  • Ensuring that your operating system and graphics card is up-to-date.
  • Restarting your computer.
If the above steps do not help, please ask yourself the following questions.  Although there are many cases to consider, the vast majority of start-up issues are addressed here, so please read the suggestions carefully, and follow the links as required.



  • Is Maple activated? You can check this by finding your license file. If you cannot find this file, please activate Maple.
  • ​Do you see an error message? If so, and you can't find any articles in our Troubleshooting or Activation and Licensing sections that address it, please send a screen shot of it to support@maplesoft.com.
  • Did you recently update your operating system? If so, it is possible that Maple needs to be reinstalled, or (on Windows) an appropriate "Compatibility Mode" is required.
  • Did you recently update your graphics drivers? If so, there may be a conflict, requiring a rollback or another update.
  • Does Console Maple work?

    If not, the installation is likely corrupted.  Please try uninstalling Maple, delete the installer file (and any remaining Maple files in Program Files), then re-download Maple.  If you need a new download link, please contact support@maplesoft.com.

    If Console Maple does work, the installation is fine, so please try the suggestions below.
  • The user account may be corrupted or have improper permissions. Try creating another user, then log in as that user to test Maple.
  • When you attempt to start Maple, do you see a splash screen, or nothing at all?

    If you can see the splash screen, but it hangs, please open the Task Manager and look for any processes that might need to be terminated.  In particular, look for processes with names starting with jogamp in the Details tab.  If you find the jogamp processes, please disable Automated Native Library Loading.

    If that doesn't help, please check your security software, and/or increase the Java heap size.

    If nothing appears, or if the main page loads, but shuts down almost immediately, you likely need to update Java, but it would still be worth checking your security software.
    On Windows and Linux, you also need to swap the version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) used by Maple to ensure that the Java update works, but you can also try increasing the Java heap sizeOn Windows, you can also enable the Java Access Bridge and enable jaccess.

    You can also try opening Maple by via the Help pages (C:\Program Files\Maple 2018\bin.X86_64_WINDOWS\maplelaunchhelp).  Once you have them open, click on the "Open the current help page in a worksheet window" button:

    If this works, you can also try disabling the splash screen.
If the above suggestions do not help, feel free to contact support@maplesoft.com. Since this type of problem is very difficult to troubleshoot over email or the phone, we strongly recommend having a remote session.

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